Jelisa Blumberg,  New York, NY
Architecture + Lighting Design

Tonia Sing Chi,  Oakland, CA
Architecture, Historic Preservation
Dialectic Journal
Elgin Cleckley,  Charlottesville , VA
Assoc. AIA, NOMA | Architecture, Urban Design, Arts & Culture, Design, Transdisciplinary
University of Virginia

Nupur Chaudhury,  New York, NY
Urban Planning, Public Health

Siboney Diaz-Sanchez,  Boston, MA
RA | Architecture, Community Development, Arts & Culture
Enterprise Rose Fellow

Ifeoma Ebo,  New York, NY
LEED AP | Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning
Cornell University, Syracuse University

Jerome Haferd,  New York, NY
RA | Architecture, Urban Design 
The City College of New York, Columbia University, Yale University

Lisa C. Henry,  Salt Lake City, UT
Chair and Associate Professor | Architecture
University of Utah

Mira Henry,  Los Angeles, CA
Southern California Institute of Architecture

Taylor Holloway,  New Orleans, LA
AIA, NOMA | Art, Design, Architecture, Social Impact Strategy
Southeastern Louisiana University

A.L. Hu,  New York, NY
Assoc. AIA, EcoDistricts AP | Architecture

Joyce Hwang,  Buffalo, NY
AIA, NOMA, NCARB | Architecture
University at Buffalo SUNY

Theresa Hyuna Hwang,  Los Angeles, CA
Department of Places

Samantha Josaphat,  New York, NY
RA, NCARB, NOMA, LEED | Architecture
The City College of New York

Bryan C. Lee Jr.,  New Orleans, LA
Architecture, Urban Design, Arts & Culture, Design

Jamie Lee,  Ann Arbor, MI
University of Michigan

Ana María León, Ph.D.,  Ann Arbor, MI
Architecture History, Theory, and Criticism
University of Michigan

Vanessa Leon, Ph.D.,  New York, NY
Urban Planning, Disaster Management, Public Policy
New York University

Christopher Leong,  New York, NY
Columbia University

Jennifer Low,  Washington, DC
PLA | Landscape Architecture

Daniela Márquez,  Atlanta, GA
LEED GA | Architecture + Interior Design

Manuel Miranda,  New York, NY
Graphic Design
Yale University

Justin Garrett Moore,  New York, NY
AICP, LEED AP, NOMA | Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning
Columbia University, Tuskegee University, Yale University

Jennifer Newsom,  Minneapolis, MN
AIA, LEED AP, NOMA | Architecture
University of Minnesota

De Nichols,  St. Louis, MO
Arts & Culture, Design Strategy, Communications Design
Civic Creatives

Julia Owens,  Washington D.C

Andrew J. Padilla,  New York, NY
Urban Policy, Film, Journalism
New York University

Quilian Riano,  Cleveland, OH
Architecture, Urban Design

Peter Robinson,  New York, NY
Architecture, Environmental Design
Cornell University

Shawhin Roudbari, Ph.D.,  Boulder, CO
PE | Architecture, Environmental Design
University of Colorado Boulder

Scott Ruff,  New York, NY
Cornell University, Pratt Institute

Deden Rukmana, Ph.D.,  Huntsville, AL
Urban Planning
Alabama A&M University

Melisa Betts Sanders,  Saint Louis, MO
Architecture, Urban + Community Design, Interior Design

Preeti Sodhi,  New York, NY
Urban Planning

Sharon Egretta Sutton, Ph.D.,  New York, NY
FAIA | Architecture
Parsons School of Design

Lexi Tsien,  New York, NY
Columbia University

Amanda Ugorji,  Cambridge, MA

Maria A. Villalobos H., Ph.D.,  Chicago, IL
Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
Illinois Institute of Technology

Michele Y. Washington,  New York, NY
Design, Research, Strategy
Fashion Institute of Technology

Mabel O. Wilson, Ph.D.,  New York, NY
Architecture, African American and African Diasporic Studies
Columbia University, Global Africa Lab

Tya Winn,  Philadelphia, PA
NOMA, LEED Green Associate, SEED | Architecture, Real Estate, Urbanism
Thomas Jefferson University, Temple University, Center for Architecture and Design

Bz (Brenda) Zhang,  Los Angeles, CA
Associate, AIA, NOMA | Architecture, Art
California College of the Arts

Jati Zunaibi,  Denver, CO
Associate AIA, AIAS


These courses in alignment with the Dark Matter University vision and mission are offered at various institutions.

FALL 2020

Black Cultural Zone Resilience Co-Hub - Samantha Josaphat
The City College of New York

Climate Resiliency & Community Design - Joshua Budiongan, Ceara O’Leary 
Architecture, Urban Design
University of Detriot Mercy 

Difference & Design - Justin Garrett Moore

Architecture, Urban Design
Columbia University & Tuskegee University

Dissent by Design, Shawhin Roudbari, Ph.D.
Architecture, Urbanism, Interdisciplinary
University of Colorado Boulder

Gender, Race, & Queer Methods in Architectural Design - Lisa C. Henry
University of Utah

Guerilla Altruism: A Mini-Manual of Subversive Activism - Tya Winn
Architecture, Design, Planning
Temple University

Housing + Community: My Brother’s Keeper - Peter Robinson with Ifeoma Ebo
Architecture, City and Regional Planning
Cornell University

Identity and Architecture - Scott Ruff
Pratt Institute, Cornell University

Joy Division - De Nichols, Nariman Gathers, Mallory Nezam
Art, Design, Engineering
Stanford University

Practicing Care: Ethics, Labor & Representation in Architecture - Jia Yi Gu
California College of the Arts

Spatial Narratives of Design Justice -  Ifeoma Ebo with Nathan Williams
Art, Architecture, Urban Design
Syracuse University

Tropical Modernity: Journeys toward the Tropical Botanical City, Maria A. Villalobos H., 
Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape
Illinois Institute of Technology

Urban Design and the Color Line - Stephen Gray
Urban Design
Harvard University

Urban Difference and Change - Justin Garrett Moore with Samia Kirchner, Ph.D.
Architecture, Urban Studies
Yale University & Morgan State University